Fight against the undead and face the living, the mysteries of Stygian await you!

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Welcome to hell

The sacred city of Stygian is the world’s defence against the undead. Each night, every inhabitant of the city fights against hordes of creatures that come from the afterlife to attack the city.

When someone dies in Stygian, they rise each night henceforth. Because of that, the citizens and soldiers have as their motto

The videogame’s stories are developed in this setting, where you will embody Axel, the Spectres Hunter. The essential pillars of the game are the decision-making, the combat system and the character’s evolution. The Tenth Hell: Stygian is a third-person RPG with a dynamic combat system, that allows you to combine classic role game abilities with the quickness of an action fighting game.

Will you be able to save them all or will your soul be corrupted before you get to the end? In Stygian you won’t be able to say someone else choose your destiny for you.

Will you earn yourself a place in hell?

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